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Memories of Barry

Woodham's railway sidings on the docks where they kept the defunct steam trains. I particularly remember some of the engines having signs painted on them saying please "do not let me die!" It was a train lovers paradise. Sadly for some the docks ...

Memories of Barry

Dancing at the Helens‚ with Marilyn Enticott, the prettiest girl in town. Playing water polo for Barry and flying the Tiger Moth at Rhoose Airport. As a little kid, standing on the balcony outside of my parents bedroom and watching the Memorial ...

Memories of Barrry

Chamberlain on the radio, 1939, At War with Germany, Air-raids, collecting shrapnel to swap. Rationing. G.I.s giving the Kids gum & chocolate. Italian P.O.W.s freely wandering the streets. VE-Day, VJ-Day, Serving Apprenticeship at Graving Docks, ...

Memories of Barry

The old Post Office was on the corner of Thompson Street and Dock View Road and was a good walk from where I lived. It was at a later date that the head post office was transferred to a new building opposite the old Gas Works at the bottom of Holton ...

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